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We are dedicated to encouraging and enabling coaching to be offered to any staff member that might benefit, based on value rather than privilege.

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ABOUT Verve&Values

We've been providing high quality and extremely accessible organisational coaching to staff working in non-profits worldwide since 2009. We've seen that coaching can make a real difference to the lives of busy people committed to serving others - regardless of their role, level of seniority or working culture. 


We work with clients face to face, by telephone or using the internet. From London, to Myanmar, 
​to Somalia.
(And yes, New York, too!)
​​​​Coaching provides safe, structured space and time to assist people in making more careful, conscious and effective decisions in their lives.
We establish and maintain long term, trusting relationships with a small number of well established and widely respected international non-profits.


For initial enquiries and more information on:

  • organisational coaching
  • 'coaching the coach' services
  • our wider work in helping Learning and Development teams to improve the effectiveness of non-profit organisations

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